Thieves Among Us

A co-worker of mine woke up this morning to find his “Obama for President” sign has been removed from his. Upon looking around he noticed that ALL Obama signs from his neighborhood had been removed. He wrote a letter to the Gainesville Sun and copied me on it:

During the evening of October 13, someone, or some group of individuals, stole every Obama for President lawn sign from Deer Run, the subdivision in which I reside. When I realized that my sign was also gone, I was immediately angered that someone would infringe upon my right to freely express my opinion, and especially when doing so on my own property. I also became determined to spread the word about the thefts and the apparent hypocrisy that I see from this crime, which is invigorating me to not let these scoundrelous tactics stifle my opinion.

Since the target of all the thefts were Obama signs, I think we can conclude that the thieves are McCain supporters, or at least right-leaning in their ideology, and as a result a few ironic observations came to mind. Foremost is the fact that the republican party is tightly aligned with religion, especially in the southeastern United States. How ironic is it that someone representing the party of religion is stealing signs in the middle of the night. Do you not practice “Thou shalt not steal”, or does that not apply in your campaign against Obama? Just as grand of an irony is the fact that many right-leaning people favor strict law enforcement and harsh punishment, in order to deter criminal behavior. Yet, here they are stealing signs in the middle of the evening.

So bravo anti-Obama, sign stealing people. By your actions, you expose the hypocrisy that underlies the foundations of your personal ideological beliefs, and at a minimum you motivated me, and perhaps others, to be more involved with this and future campaigns.

G. Bouchard

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