Michigan is still at it…

Hmmmm.., who moves around a lot? Oh, of course, young student voters, many of whom would support Obama…yes, the trend is becoming very clear…read on…

Michigan Is Disenfranchising ‘Thousands Of Voters,’ ACLU Says

DETROIT (CN) – The Michigan Secretary of State has disenfranchised “thousands of voters” and continues to do so by striking them from the rolls “upon notice that original voter identification cards have been returned as undeliverable,” the United States Student Association Foundation and the ACLU claim in Federal Court. Plaintiffs say the state violates its own laws and federal law by the hasty disenfranchisements.

They say they notified Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land of this by letter on July 8, and she responded, on Aug. 29, that she is canceling voter registrations in the manner the plaintiffs described, “and that the onus lies with the voter to ‘correct the record.'”

Plaintiffs say the state’s purging procedure is illegal. They want it enjoined, and the people whose names were stricken from the roles illegally reinstated.Their lead counsel is Matthew Lund with Pepper Hamilton.

Read the filing

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