Sarah Palin – Progressive on Gay and Lesbian Issues? Don’t Believe It.

The Assocated Press reported that Sarah Palin “opposes gay marriage — constitutionally banned in Alaska before her time — but exercised a veto that essentially granted benefits to gay state employees and their partners.”

David Brooks, NY Times columnist and regular on the Lehrer News Hour, said. “she’s evangelical, but she’s pretty progressive on gay and lesbian issues.” He didn’t elaborate or give any supporting information.

The truth is that Sarah Palin did veto state legislation that would have denied spousal benefits to same sex partners. However, she vetoed it because her attorney general told her she would be violating her oath of office if she signed the bill.

A little history – in 2005 the Alaska Supreme Court ruled that denying spousal benefits to same-sex partners was unconstitutional. In 2006, the court ordered the state to begin granting the benefits by January 2007. In response to the 2005 ruling, in 2006, the state legislature passed a bill that would deny these benefits to same sex couples. When she vetoed the bill she issued this statement, “The Department of Law advised me that this bill, HB4001, is unconstitutional given the recent Court order of December 19th, mandating same-sex benefits,” said Governor Sarah Palin. “With that in mind, signing this bill would be in direct violation of my oath of office.” Additionally, she wrote, “I disagree with the recent court decision because I feel as though Alaskans spoke on this issue with its overwhelming support for a Constitutional Amendment in 1998 which defined marriage as between a man and woman. But the Supreme Court has spoken and the state will abide.”

So, gentle readers, I’ve yet to find evidence that indicates Sarah Palin supports gay rights – if you have information, please let me know.

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