Death in the Afternoon (or Ode to a Squirrel)

For those of you sensitive to death – the image below may contain material too graphic for your senses.

Picture this – Gainesville, late afternoon, blue skies, birds chirping at the feeder, Peanut on the deck – waiting and watching – suddenly you hear a squeal – “oh, shit!” you whisper – you jump up from the dinner table and rush out the door —

Death came quickly to the squirrel – mercifully. This kill was number two for the week – the first kill being a rat stalked several nights earlier. You ask yourself, “Why does she kill?” and “Why do I have to bag it and dispose of it?”. Then you realize – this is a valuable skill – Peanut might finally earn her keep. We will advertise her as a “rat terrier” or “squirrel terrier” – aren’t there some who would pay to rid their yards and gardens of rodents?

Peace is at hand once again – dinner is lukewarm – a glass of wine will wash it down nicely…

One thought on “Death in the Afternoon (or Ode to a Squirrel)

  1. NatCad August 28, 2008 / 12:11 AM

    Hi Lisa, thankfully the picture wasn’t too graphic.At first I thought it was a baby fox. Hope you’re having a good week. Mine started slow but is going well. No rain here though we need it. The yard is starting to look brown.Bye. Nat

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