Boxer Update

Okay, Boxer had his neuro consult today, along with an ultrasound to check his prostate. We had received a call last Friday that his radiographs seemed to indicate an enlarged prostate – so, an ultrasound was in order. Well, his prostate is fine – however, the ultrasound revealed nodules on his spleen, kidney and liver. We had the nodules on his spleen and kidney aspirated and should get the pathology tomorrow. The one on the liver couldn’t be found at aspiraton time. At this point, we’re thinking that these are not cancerous. We’ll know for sure tomorrow.

So, regarding Boxer’s shaking – we can’t really find anything – which is okay – it means that it could be related to aging – whatever it is it doesn’t seem to be life threatening or anything.

We have now spent a small fortune on Boxer this month. Plans for our charitable foundation for medical care for our dogs are moving forward.

Checked in with mom today and she is progressing – still in some pain – but overall doing well.

Stay tuned.

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