Week Five of 4/10

I’m up earlier than usual this morning. The dogs got us up at 4:30am to pee. And, of course, I can’t fall back asleep – so, I lay there until about 5:17 and decided the gig was up and to just shower and start my day.

This is week five of the 4/10 work weeks. I’m still not 100% on board with it. The evenings after work are the issue -with both of us now getting home later it pushes everything back in the evening beginning with dinner. We’ve done a decent job of planning meals and utilizing left overs but it still seems that we’re not done until at least 7pm or later. Other than that, the 4/10 are okay – having Friday off is a big pull. I will get to see what just working 7 to 3:30 will be like during the week of Labor Day. Since that Monday is a holiday, I’ll work 4 8hr days. I know getting off early in the afternoon will be nice.

We enjoyed watching some of the Olympics – but the commercials are ridiculous – too many – we ended up just turning it off or changing the channel – too bad, but I can’t stand to watch them.

It’s almost time to start the morning meal preparations for the dogs. Boxer’s surgical sites where his skin tag and the other (benign) thing were removed is healing but not as nicely and cleanly as we would like. Some of the stitches came out yesterday. So, we’re giving him some meds to help reduce the itching so he won’t scatch the area. That would be a good pic – his wound site – if I get a chance I’ll take one and post it.

I originally wasn’t going to post a picture but then decided that the schedule I came up with for the dogs was worthy of attention. We’ve got to work harder at getting to bed earlier, so I’m hoping this schedule will help.


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