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Admitting to a Crime

Your President had finally admitted to conspiring to commit election fraud with a foreign power. He just can’t help himself – what a mother fucker.

He is a traitor. And the GOP that props him up is a traitor.

We can vote to end this.

Vote Democrat. Even if you’re a registered Republican-hold your nose and vote Democrat to save our democracy. Your party can sort itself out later. If it still survives.



I’m progressive but don’t support Bernie. Anyone who voted against the Magnitsky Act, hired Tad Devine to disrupt the Democratic party is a Russian agent - looking at you Bernie. I’m an application developer. I enjoy plucking the strings of a classical guitar and reading a good book. I have a special interest in nutrition. Pro tip: it’s the refined carbs, stupid. If you support Trump - fuck you - and go to hell.

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